Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

Listen and Write 2 - Oh! Ah! by Kim Hyung Jun

Chasing you down to every tunnel, opening every red and silver door, stumbling upon Alice. But it was too dark, everything was too surreal, too suffocating. My hand was exploring every wall, hoping to find the trace of you. But it was empty. Wonderland is a lie made of cotton and candy.

Note: This one is created while listening to Oh! Ah! by Kim Hyung Jun. After reading this, I realize maybe it's more inspired by the video instead of the song itself. The video is quite Alice, don't you think?

Listen and Write 1 - Found You by JYJ

Two of my talented friends, Runi and Sindro, persuaded me to try this new writing activity that they often do, which is to listen to a song and write down everything that comes across my mind when listening. I did my first experiment by listening to Found You by JYJ. Here's the result, and I also posted the song in case you wanna hear it.

ps: I cheated teehee. There are some parts that I edited :p

Found You

The day I found you, it was when I couldn’t control these chaotic butterflies in my tummy.
It was when I saw thousands of red balloons flying high into the sky, colouring the dark clouds.
It was when each drop of rain stopped falling, frozen by the time.
It was when I no longer heard the sound of steps at night, everything was silent still.
It was when I felt that you’re the one I should put my trust on. The one I should keep my promises to.
It was when I finally found the reason in every breath, the day I found you.

Rabu, 09 Februari 2011


He, a fine enchanter, has travelled
Miraculously, to this border of the heart,
where walls are cold, where doors are keyless.

What is his spell,
that is repeatedly sung?
That gracefully roams my heart?

What is his magic,
that grants me this desperate hope,
this courageous fear, this blisful melancholy?

My day is the moon, my night is the sun.
Bewitched, bedazzled by him.


These butterflies in my tummy
Exploded into thousands of colours
Flying to paint your grey sky


The day fell and left the throne to the moon

Your lips, endlessly wanted, spoke silence
Words were unwritten and unuttered

Only the touch of your finger was heard,
softly guiding mine to your dear soul

Every atom was intertwined,
simultaneously moving

And the time was still

The night was ours

Minggu, 19 September 2010

Crushing Tinkerbell

We're chasing fairies down the alley
Beating them with glowsticks, very funny
You may ask why, we were acting like hell
Don't get surprised, we just hate Tinkerbell

Minggu, 05 September 2010

The fallen

I shall not fall.

I shall not

I shall